HTML to Wordpress Migration Services

We’re WordPress experts with 13+ years of experience in providing custom-tailored Wordpress solutions.

We can migrate your HTML website to a fully functional WordPress website that allows you to easily edit all contents via the WordPress admin panel. The new Wordpress website will be a beautiful, responsive, and feature-rich website that is of top-notch quality code, an overall browser, tablet, and mobile compatibility and fast delivery and communication.

We are the ultimate destination to hire a dedicated WordPress developer. Our experts blend Knowledge and experience perfectly to serve website owners with personalized and customized solutions. Extend your team with our WordPress and get hassle-free development, latest technology adoption & complete peace of mind!



Years of Industry experience


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Why Choose Us

A cross-functional team of 150+ in India.

In-house experts, Business analysts, UX/UI designers, consultants.

​Quality assurance testing before the final launch.

SEO capabilities to increase organic traffic.

Crystal clear and cooperative approach with clients.

Competitive rates in the industry.

Our Wordpress Capabilities

Custom Wordpress Development

Keeping your target audience in mind, our developer leverages Wordpress to develop a website tailored to match your business needs and goals.

Theme Integration and Customization

With plenty of themes to choose from, our Wordpress developers integrate the right themes based on your preferences, to your website to make it stunning and user-friendly to improve conversion.

Multisite Development

Our developers can build a secure and scalable multisite that is custom designed as per the industry and within a stipulated time frame. Multisite developed by our developer are high performing websites.

WordPress API Integration

We possess a higher proficiency API integration, keeping the entire process seamless, smooth, and quick, to deliver a better user experience.

PSD to WordPress

Once we accept your PSD files, our professionals convert your files into WordPress and help you avail benefits like SEO, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

WordPress Module and Extension Development

Our team can help you to modify, customize, and optimize the plugins as per your requirements. Our scalable plugin development framework helps us to go to any level of complexity in a plugin.

WordPress eCommerce development

If you wish to build any e-commerce website then hire our WordPress web developers that uses unbeatable potential of WordPress to deliver e-commerce and high-performing B2B and B2C solutions!

WordPress Migration

We can help you to migrate your existing website from any CMS to WordPress and as a part of the migration, we will retain your SEO juice so that you don’t loose on your organic ranks. Migration with no downtime is our prowess.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated WordPress development maintenance team allows you to concentrate on your business without any limits while we take care of and protect your website. You can stay rest assured of our comprehensive maintenance and quality support.

Reasons to Choose Us

From the past 13+ years, we have been catering to businesses with our world-class WordPress development solutions tailored to match their diverse business requirements, while maintaining quality. We are a top choice WordPress development agency for multiple reasons.

Assured Quality

No matter the type and complexity of projects, we work with a proven approach to handle it efficiently to deliver top-quality products to match the client’s expectations.

Dedicated WordPress Team

Consisted of young and experienced developers, our WordPress team handles a variety of projects from different business verticals and delivers outcomes as promised.

WordPress Expertise

As a WordPress development company, we are a group of talented professionals possessing expertise in this platform and are capable of matching multiple business requirements.

On-Time Project Delivery

No matter how complex your project is, we ensure on-time delivery. We strictly follow the promised timeline for project delivery and strategize our work accordingly to meet the goal.

Assured Security

Keeping it as our topmost priority, our professionals deliver highly secure WordPress websites integrated with advanced security plugins, SSL certificates, etc

SEO-Friendly Websites

Implemented with the latest SEO trends and update, we chalk out a robust development strategy and code accordingly, to make your site SEO-friendly and boost its visibility in SERPs.

Our Methodology

Ideation & Requirement Gathering

Briefing down every intricate requirement of your project and passing it from the feasibility test, our developers accumulate all required resources prior to development.

Design & Development

Your project gains its actual shape amalgamating clean coding standards keeping it optimized with respect to development ensuring it to be easy to upgrade in the future.

Testing & Debugging

Along with the development phase, multiple testing and iterative analyses ensure that the project is free of all bugs eliminating all anomalies that exist.

Deployment & Maintenance

Your final website goes live within the stipulated time. We offer 30 days of free support and maintenance services post-launch.

Success Story

wri Wri-2

WRI (World Resource Institute) planned to create a Global Online Learning and Collaboration Platform to contribute to sustainable urban transport and urban development. We designed and implemented an online resource for news and analysis on Urban sustainability (TheCityFix) and an interactive learning platform(TheCityFix Learn) to drive learning and collaboration among city officials, practitioners, and stakeholders through a catalog of learning products designed by WRI Ross Center of Sustainable Cities.

mac Macmillan-2

Macmillan Library wanted to migrate their website in WordPress to allow its non-tech-savvy staff to easily manage a large content repository. We migrated over their existing website to WordPress keeping intact the website structure and retaining the complete SEO juice. Today, we have successfully migrated most of their site into WordPress, offering several customized themes.

golf golf-2

Thailand Golfasian is one of the most established inbound golf tour operators in Asia. The client wanted to migrate 3 of their Typo3 websites to WordPress considering the difficulty in managing the content and plugins on the old typo3 system. We successfully migrated the website also ensuring the custom features are retained and enhanced user experience is delivered through the new websites.

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$999 2-4 hrs daily


$1999 6-8 hrs daily

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“We had a good experience with this company and will use you again in the future.I will let others know if someone needs this type of work. The website does look good and works much better than before. Thank you for your work on this project. “

Anna Baranowsky

Our Clients

golf-2 Macmillan-2 Society-5 Wri-2 Obsev-2 DOCS-2

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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult it is to migrate to WordPress? Expand

Migrating to WordPress isn’t difficult if you are engaged with us. However, the time to migrate depends on the content richness and various other custom implementations that are already there on the website.

How much does it cost to migrate to WordPress? Expand

There isn’t a fixed cost that could be shared with clients once they decide to migrate. The cost completely depends on our discovery of the content, modules and custom implementations on your website.

What happens to my existing website? Expand

We can convert your website to WordPress without touching the current one. Your existing website will remain live throughout this entire conversion process.

Do I need to change my hosting in order for my website to be compatible with WordPress? Expand

Our team can review your hosting and let you know if you will need to change or upgrade your hosting package. Our parent company also offers reliable corporate and enterprise-level WordPress hosting packages – as well as full-service small business web and WordPress hosting, maintenance, and support. Please contact us for more information about our value-added services.

I wish to build my own team so Can I hire your developers? Expand

Yes! With our various hiring models, you can choose the developer that’s the best fit for your requirements. You can hire our developer full-time/part-time or on an hourly basis depending on your project requirements.

How do I request work/ Tasks and get updates on work in progress? Expand

WordPress tasks can be submitted to the project management (PM) tool like Jira. All tasks related to communication, updates, and delivery notifications will also be made within our PM tool. You can add tasks to our PM tools like Jira, and we will start working on those tasks and provide our daily comments on progress, completion, and feedback.

What is your team hierarchy system for the project? Expand

For each project, we assign our project manager who has 15+ years of experience. The project manager is responsible for coordinating with the client and directing the team members about how to carry out various tasks while pursuing the project. The project manager will also assign the task to our internal QA team for all kinds of testing ensuring that the project delivered is free from all bugs.

How can I be in touch with my allocated developer? Expand

You will have direct access to your chosen developer through whichever convenient platform suits you; such as Skype, instant messenger, e-mail, phone, etc.

Do you really provide Unlimited tasks? Expand

We have a team of 50+ WordPress experts that can handle almost any request. The tasks can compromise small as well as big tickets including content editing, installing plugins, installing and customizing themes, adjusting CSS, HTML, and Javascript, and more. We ask that you submit one request at a time so we can complete it as quickly as possible.

Do you have front end developers or back end developers or both? Expand

The need and requirement for front end and back end developers depend upon the expectations of the client. Front end development is needed when you want the website to look attractive and attract visitors and buyers. A front end developer shall ensure that you shall not have to worry about how your site looks to the public eye. He or she will make the most of their resources to make sure that you are delivered with a website that looks professional and is entirely bug-free. A back end developer is needed when you want to strengthen the core of your website to store the database or launch an application. As far as we are concerned, we do offer both types of developers with us, which makes it easier for our clients to pick the best and most skilled hands all across the country.

Can I hire part-time developers from your website? Expand

We do understand that the expectations of our clients and it is because of this reason that we offer developers in all shapes and sizes. Full-time developers are dedicated to one project at a time, and it is for this reason that they are suited to the needs of the client who wants a huge chunk of work done by a single individual. At the same time, part-time developers are needed when you need multiple developers, mainly fresher and interns, to make use of their raw talent and potential. You shall be able to hire all categories of developers as we offer a wide array of choices.

Do you offer detailed reports which explain what I am paying for? Expand

Yes, we do. Typically, we follow agile methodologies & we always send daily/weekly reports to our clients to update about the progress of the project.

What are the standards through which you measure the UI-UX practices adapted by your developers? Expand

Our parameters for measuring the quality of work done by our developers and the practices adopted by them is quite simple and to the point. We focus on the creation of an attractive and elegant interface that is entirely functional, and every nuance is being taken care of.

Do you offer any SEO services? Expand

Yes, We can help you with optimizing the on-page technical SEO of your website. We have a dedicated team of SEO experts who can handle it. Our experts can provide you with the best SEO tools within WordPress and can help you to setup and install on your website.

We also provide on-page and off-page SEO services (guest blogging, backlinks, authority publishing).

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