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Building Strength
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for Enterprises

Growth & Life
for Small Business

Billed Monthly 

Timely Cloud Backups
We use the BackupBuddy plugin to store the data securely through Dropbox on Cloud servers for at least 90 days.

Daily Security Monitoring
We use premium security plugins, including Wordfence and iThemes, to prevent security breaches.

WordPress Core Updates
Keep your WordPress themes and plugins up-to-date.

Content Updates
We'll update the page's content as you need to keep the site optimized for users and search engines.

Restore and Recovery Assistance
We will help to restore the website from your backups.

Website Speed Optimization
We will install and configure the WP Rocket plugin - caching and optimization plugin that speeds up the site based on best practices.

Instant Support Requests
Contact our team that’ll assist you in any maintenance tasks, such as styling tweaks, image replacement, plugin consultation, or a minor code tweak.

5 Tasks per Month 

10 Tasks per Month

Unlimited Tasks

Hacking Recovery Assistance
We'll fix your website if it gets compromised.

Professional Support
Get answers to all queries with guaranteed response time within one business day.

Top Priority Support
Need an immediate resolution? All your emails will be marked as "High Priority" and are prioritized on the list.

Google Search Console Help
We work closely on your Google Search Console account to assist you in monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining your website.

Get Started Sooner
To ensure quality services, we work on a limited number of sites each week. Our Nature plan clients get priority support and a shorter turn-around time than the other two plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the support and maintenance plan crucial for my website?

Without quality maintenance, your site is often at risk of crashing, slow loading, and attacks from hackers, which result in a poor user experience and can hurt your SEO rankings. Our support and maintenance services protect your website and ensure smooth performance on an ongoing basis. 

Another distinct advantage of incorporating our maintenance services is that we'll help you troubleshoot or recover if something goes wrong. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade from my existing subscription plan?

Yes! You can modify your current package/plan anytime using our customized portal. All the changes will come into effect from your next renewal cycle. 

How does the monthly payment work?

To ensure there isn't any obstruction with the ongoing maintenance, you'll be automatically charged each month from the date when the service was first activated.  

You can reach out to our support team for more details on our monthly subscription plans.  

Is there any storage limit for backups? For how long can you retain my site backup?

No! We don't have any backup storage limit and can easily backup sites of any size. All your website data is stored on Cloud servers for at least 90 days.

What services can I expect under Instant Support Requests?

Our instant support requests offer a variety of customized services, including

  • Plugin consultation for identifying the right plugin to meet your requirements
  • Troubleshooting outdated or corrupted plugins
  • Hosting and business scalability assistance via our Hosting partners
  • Integrating marketing and analytics tools to your website
  • Optimizing site URLs and setting up redirects
  • Font customization, including size, color, appearance

What happens if my website gets compromised?

Protection against hackers and brute force attacks is a core part of our support and maintenance plans. This includes website cleanup, repairing, backup, and restoring your site to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our experts will repair your website manually or restore it to the last working state, depending on the situation. We'll also apply security patches and reset passwords to prevent such attacks in the future.

I accidentally broke my website; will you be able to fix it on priority?

Yes! If you're subscribed to our Nature plan, we'll prioritize your concern and assign experts to get it sorted quickly.

For Building Strength and Growth & Life plans, we'll restore your website from Cloud backups.

What about my website speed? Can you make it load faster?

Yes! Our experts inspect and optimize every crucial aspect of your WordPress site, including meta titles and descriptions, content, images, and videos, to boost your site speed across multiple platforms, especially mobile devices.

Can you scan my WordPress site on demand?

While our packages include a routine scan, we can perform a real-time website scan on demand.

What if I need technical assistance outside business hours?

We understand that problems can occur anytime, which is why our support team is available 24/7 to address your concerns in real-time promptly.

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