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With its new update, Google has defined key metrics that are essential for websites to improve their search engine rankings. This Google Core Web vital update, also known as Page Experience Update, will complement all the already existing signals, i.e., mobile-friendly, secure browsing, HTTPS, and non-intrusive interstitials, to make
Page Experience an important ranking factor.

The core ranking signals are

Visibility Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Measures your webpage’s loading performance. The ideal time is less than 2.5 seconds.


Interactivity First Input Delay (FID)

Measures your website’s speed and responsiveness. Your FID time needs to be less than 100 milliseconds.

fid 2

Visual Stability Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Measures the stability of your website when it is loading. Ideally, A good CLS score is below 0.1.

fid 3

With the Core Web Vitals update, Google wants to improve its user’s web experience. It will also rank your website based on the website’s performance. 

But it is quite a challenge to meet with this update as you need to make backend changes to your website. 

     Our WordPress speed optimization services boost your website’s ranking by optimizing all these three core vitals. We improve your website’s load time to make a great first impression on the visitors. Our strategies lower your bounce rate and increase conversions.

Avoid losing more sales due to poor response time and stability

If your homepage or checkout page is slow to load, your website visitors won’t wait. This results in high bounce rates and a bad user experience. Due to a poor user experience, Google is likely to consider your website as less credible and this will affect your SEO rankings.

 Using our expertise, we’ll make your WordPress website dazzling fast. Fast loading speeds will improve your SEO rank and increase organic traffic. 

Our website optimization services increase engagement, resulting in more page views and high customer satisfaction.

How we improve your Core Web Vitals Score?

We provide highly targeted optimization services. Our team runs performance tests on your website to identify aspects that slow down your website. We optimize and automate these metrics to increase the website’s FID time and maintain its CLS to below 0.1.


We employ caching at the server level to configure your website. In this way, if any user revisits the same content, it is served from the stored memory.Without caching, your website cannot achieve better speed.

Database Optimization

Multiple CSS, HTML, and Java files build up in your database and slow your website performance. We compact all these codes to save data and ensure the scripts load according to priority. This speeds up your store’s website and improves the FID time.

Theme Optimization

Themes are an important aspect that affects your user experience. Customizing themes often increases file size and affects your website’s speed.

We run themes through advanced software to check their responsiveness and load time.

Image Optimization

Images add a visual appeal to your website visitors. But high-resolution images increase the loading time. We replace images with compressed and optimized ones for faster loading. We don’t compromise on the quality and keep the visual appeal intact.

Apps and Plugins Optimization

We run performance tests to track third-party apps and plugins that are slowing down your website. These apps and plugins generate a lot of database queries even when not in use. We manually remove such apps and their source code to keep your website running. All the necessary apps are kept up to date.

Dedicated Online Support

Our experts are live 24/7 to keep your website load faster for a longer time. We also have a dedicated online support team to address your issues and provide a satisfactory solution.

Ready to impress your visitors with a fast-loading website?

Improve user experience to boost your WordPress website’s ranking!

Check out our Standard page speed optimization service plan that will help you decrease your website’s loading time. After our optimization process is completed, you’ll notice less bounce rate, high engagement rates, and enhanced user experience. 

So prepare yourself to see high conversions and an increase in revenues.

Success Story


WRI (World Resource Institute) planned to create a Global Online Learning and Collaboration Platform to contribute to sustainable urban transport and urban development. We designed and implemented an online resource for news and analysis on Urban sustainability (TheCityFix) and an interactive learning platform(TheCityFix Learn) to drive learning and collaboration among city officials, practitioners, and stakeholders through a catalog of learning products designed by WRI Ross Center of Sustainable Cities.


Macmillan Library wanted to migrate their website in WordPress to allow its non-tech-savvy staff to easily manage a large content repository. We migrated over their existing website to WordPress keeping intact the website structure and retaining the complete SEO juice. Today, we have successfully migrated most of their site into WordPress, offering several customized themes.


Thailand Golfasian is one of the most established inbound golf tour operators in Asia. The client wanted to migrate 3 of their Typo3 websites to WordPress considering the difficulty in managing the content and plugins on the old typo3 system. We successfully migrated the website also ensuring the custom features are retained and enhanced user experience is delivered through the new websites.

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$499 one time
  • Minify HTML, JS and CSS
  • Combine JS and CSS files
  • Advanced Image Compression
  • Enable Compression
  • SSL Configuration Check & Fix
  • Custom youtube video optimization
  • CDN Configuration Check & Fix
  • Defer Javascript parsing


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  • Move to a lightweight Wordpress theme : GeneratePress and recreate pages using Gutenberg blocks.
  • Minify HTML, JS and CSS
  • Combine JS and CSS files
  • Advanced Image Compression
  • Enable Compression
  • SSL Configuration Check & Fix
  • Custom youtube video optimization
  • CDN Configuration Check & Fix
  • Defer Javascript parsing

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